• LAVENDER: lights up any space with sweet and floral notes. unwind with the calm of lavender and the small notes of sweetness.
  • TRANQUILITY: scent is easy like Sunday morning. self-care at home, soft tunes + the windows open with a nice cool breeze.
  • DREAM: sweet + savory - notes of brown sugar, vanilla + citrus


  • SAFFRON: inspired by the fall hues of reds, yellows + oranges. not only is saffron a color, it's also a spice, extremely subtle + fragrant. notes: of ginger, apple spice + cardamom
  • CURRANT:  inspired by the tart and fruity chutney during the holiday season. notes: clove, cranberry, green apples + rum. this ain’t that out of the can cranberry sauce that’s for sure!
  • BREW: the scent of espresso infused with a dash of cinnamon, light cream + sugar to give you that strong cup of coffee on a rainy day vibe - tell us, how do you take your coffee?!